Plagiarism Policy

The plagiarism check aims to maintain the quality of originality and novelty. Every article sent to

Lentora Nursing Journal  (LNJ) will be checked for plagiarism using Turnitin prior to publication with a maximum number of 25% originality reports. Plagiarism-free works should match these requirements:

  1. Quotes of others (by quoting indirectly) should be well paraphrased by using one’s own words instead of performing copy and paste or typing the source word-by-word. Write down the reading sources according to the rules of scientific writing.
  2. Writing of the direct quotation by quoting the same words as the original copies should apply quotation marks (for writing that less than 40 words), or if the quote consists of over 40 words, paragraphs should be notched, and different font size applied.
  3. The source should be mentioned for the use of other people's ideas, whether from published or unpublished writing, both oral or written source, in any form of media.